The “I Do Crew: should you have a ‘first look’ before your wedding ceremony?

We ask the I Do Crew whether they had, or are going to have, a ‘first look’ before the wedding.

Meet the “I Do” Crew

Each month we’re asking our ”I Do” Crew the questions every recently engaged couple is asking, from photography to guest lists our trio of recently or soon-to-be wedded bloggers share their insights into planning a wedding.  So far, we’ve asked them to tell us the first decision they made after getting engaged, and how they chose their wedding venue.

This month we’re asking the crew whether they had a ‘first look’ before the wedding ceremony.

A smiling bride and groom pose in front of the door to Leigh Court

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The recently married one: Married in August 2018, describes her wedding as ‘a perfect day better than I ever imagined.’

The groom: Married in July 2018, describes his wedding as ‘a chilled and fun day, with loads of our friends and family.’

The bride-to-be: Getting Married in September 2019, describes her upcoming wedding as ‘the day I marry my best friend surrounded by the people we love the most.’

A bride is escorted down the staircase by her father at a wedding at Leigh Court

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We ask the I Do Crew whether they had a ‘first look’ before the wedding:

The recently married one

The bride: “What’s a first look?”
Us: When the couple take a moment together before the ceremony, often with a photographer in attendance to capture the moment.
The bride: “No then!”

The groom

We didn’t see each other before the ceremony, the first look was Anna walking down the aisle. I just had to google what a ‘first look’ was so I can’t say we would of wished to have a first look. I think half of the magic for guests at a ceremony is watching the bride walk down and looking at the grooms face. I personally cried like a baby when she walked down the aisle.

The bride-to-be

The first time I see Ryan will be when I walk down the aisle. We’re planning on spending the night before apart; me with my family and him with his. I see it as a chance to spend my final night as a Garland with my immediate family, before I start my own family as an Ashworth. Plus I want the look on his face when he sees me to be shared with everyone. Suffice to say I’ll have a big smile on my face!

The wedding coordinator

First looks are far more popular in the U.S than over here, but if you do decide to sneak off with your other half for a moment of calm before the wedding it’s a good idea to alert the photographer so they can capture it all for your wedding album!

Next month, we ask the I Do Crew whether they invited plus ones to their wedding.