How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

Your engagement and wedding rings say a lot about you and your personality but they also require careful consideration in regards to your lifestyle…

Your engagement and wedding rings say a lot about you and your personality but they also require careful consideration in regards to your lifestyle and what you wear on a day to day basis. For example, while you might love Kate Middleton’s giant blue sapphire ring, a large rock like that isn’t practical if you’re an active person – so here are the most popular cuts and how to choose the perfect one for you.

Perfect for those of us ladies who might have shorter, broader fingers and want to create the illusion of long slim digits. The oval is timeless, stylish and sits flush to the finger, so is ideal for those working perhaps in education, who don’t want to take their ring off but fancy something dainty that sparkles and isn’t going to take anyone’s eye out.

Created to make an impression, this type of cut is bold and beautiful, perfect if you’re the type to get a manicure and share your ring with all your friends and family on Facebook within minutes of your partner popping the question – and why shouldn’t you? It’s a truly stunning style. The Princess cut works with any style or shape of wedding ring you choose and is a classic choice for the bride who wants to wear her ring all the time.

Another classic shape, this style embodies glamour and accounts for more than half of all diamonds sold today. The way the light reflects on a round cut is truly dazzling and it is a shape that works with any person’s style. This cut is usually raised on the ring base, so might not be best for those working in active jobs or with children for fear of damaging the ring or causing injury.

A nod to the fashion of the 1920s, the pear shaped diamond was worn often by superstar Marilyn Monroe (hey, there’s even a song about it), but the shape was actually created in the 1400s! Like the oval cut, this shape of diamond is great for elongating fingers and the light and colour is particularly strong at the tip of the stone.

Another cut that reminds the wearer of the art deco era, the Asscher is a square emerald shape that those who love to embrace everything vintage will love. This cut creates a stunning ‘hall of mirrors’ effect, with the diamond drawing the eye into its centre. Because of the clear cuts in the Asscher, you need to go for a higher clarity diamond to ensure you show off its beauty.

When it comes to choosing the right ring for you, whether it’s your engagement or wedding ring, it’s important you select something that reflects your personal style and works with your lifestyle. These suggested cuts are the ones most commonly found under the glass in jewellers – try some on, decide what feels right and then choose the perfect ring you will wear forever more!

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