How to use extra space at your wedding venue

Let's explore how to utilise the space you have at Leigh Court when you book your wedding.

The main attraction here at Leigh Court for couples, and why they choose us as a wedding venue, is undoubtedly the floating staircase in the Great Hall on which one or both of the couple can walk down to make the grand entrance before the ceremony.

Then of course we have the Tapestry room, one of the most unique rooms in the building, which is used for smaller wedding ceremonies, receptions, or a disco or entertainment room in the evening. And our library is certainly one of the best rooms when hosting a slightly bigger wedding.

Wedding Ceremony Room | Leigh Court Bristol
Photograph by Xanthe Rowland

What about Leigh Court’s Morning Room?

The Morning Room, which is also part of our wedding venue, is easily the brightest in the house. Situated at the front of the building, traditionally this is the room where the lady of the house would have welcomed guests.

Nowadays, although we use it for corporate workshops and events, the morning room is also a great room for weddings.

When you book your wedding with us at the weekend, you have exclusive use of Leigh Court, so therefore we invite you to think of what you can do with the Morning Room at your wedding to create space for your guests.

The Morning Room Event and Venue Room | Leigh Court Bristol
The Morning Room at Leigh Court (with new carpet shown)

Here’s three ideas of what you can do with the Morning Room at your wedding:

A children’s soft play area or creche.

Many couples think about entertainment for adults, but what about the children in the family? Are they little enough to need entertainment whilst the adults are enjoying the ceremony, the reception, and the speeches?

On our suppliers’ list, we have a variety of children’s soft play companies that can provide both the equipment and designated care needed for the young ones in the wedding party.

Children's Softplay area at Wedding Venue | Leigh Court Bristol
(Please note that the old carpet is shown in this picture. See above for new carpet)

Photobooth room.

A great space to entertain the whole wedding party; everyone gets to dress up with silly pops and take photos with each other. The natural light in the Morning Room, provides an excellent space to do this. We often work with partners like Hotshots Entertainment to bring you various unique and original ideas for photo booths including a 360-view camera.

Not only do the candid photos go out the window, but this will create lifelong memories for you as a couple to look back on and remember how much everyone enjoyed the wedding.

A games room.

This can be created in any style you like; you can have a glamorous casino and donate proceeds to charity, or you can go retro with it and have arcade games. Either way, it provides fun entertainment for your wedding guests and great picture opportunities for your photographer.

Here are some more ideas for wedding entertainment:

  • Sweet cart
  • Crisp walls
  • Game consoles
  • Caricature entertainment
  • Karaoke
  • Giant Jenga
  • Mini golf
  • Face painting
  • Children’s colouring stations
  • Magician
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Silent disco
  • Waffle stand
  • Hot chocolate bar

If you would like to have a private viewing of the space, please get in touch with our experienced wedding coordinators: