We’re Engaged! But What Do We Do Now?!

This month we’re asking the crew what was the first decision they made after getting engaged.

Meet the “I Do” Crew

Each month we’re asking our ”I Do” Crew the questions on every recently engaged persons mind, from choosing a wedding photographer to writing a guest list, our trio of recent or soon-to-be newly-weds share their insights into planning a wedding.

Bride and groom silhouetted on the balcony at Leigh Court

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The recently married one: Married in August 2018, described her wedding as ‘a perfect day better than I ever imagined.’

The groom: Married in July 2018, described his wedding as ‘a chilled and fun day, with loads of our friends and family.’

The bride-to-be: Getting Married in September 2019, describes her upcoming wedding as ‘the day I marry my best friend surrounded by the people we love the most.

Bride and bridesmaids in the grounds of Leigh Court

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We ask the I Do Crew to tell us about the first decision they made after getting engaged:

The recently married one

The first decision we made was what the party favors were going to be and that my mum and mother in law would make them! We gave ourselves 18 months to plan our wedding.

The groom

Our first decision was on the vibe of the wedding, we wanted a chilled and fun day with loads of our friends and family, and that’s exactly what we did! We planned our whole wedding in 9 months!

The Bride-to-be

I think my first wedding decision was asking if my future Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law wanted to come wedding dress shopping with my Mother, Sister and I. They don’t live in mainland UK so I wanted them to be part of the planning of our wedding and a day of dress shopping seemed like an exciting prospect! (They said yes after the squealing subdued.) Our first joint decision was compiling the guest list. I got engaged in August, so we have a year to plan the wedding.

The Wedding Coordinator

The first decision a couple makes will depend on their unique circumstances, of course. But it’s a good idea to cover the broad strokes of the wedding early on – for example, the size of the wedding will have an impact on everything else from budget, to venue, to the whole feel of the day. Once you know whether you’re going for a mini-festival with hundreds of guests, or an intimate affair with close friends and family, everything else will be much easier to decide.

Next month we’ll be asking the crew how long it took to plan the wedding, and getting top tips from our expert wedding team to help you plan yours!