5 Innovative Ideas for Team Building Events

Team building events are becoming popular, but let's look at innovative ideas away from "it's a knockout"

When you’re looking after your employees, you want to make sure they feel valued at work, and team building events are becoming more and more popular.

You might think of “it’s a knockout” when you hear the word team-building, and this is by far one of the most fun things you can do with your team to get them to work together and laugh together.

But whilst “it’s a knockout” is incredibly fun, there’s so much more to consider, and a huge variety of activities on offer. So we’ve put together a list of 5 innovative and different ideas for team building days for you to consider, and ones that work really well at Leigh Court too.

1) Country Pursuits

We are in the West Country, so country pursuits make a fun day for all. Included in your day could be activities like sheep herding, duck herding, gundog handling and ferret racing.  The animals are always pleased to entertain and things could go laughably wrong when herding!  Participating or just watching, these pursuits are fun for all to enjoy, and can also be part of a wider range of activities like funfair stalls or archery.

Country pursuits for away days and team building days in the West Country | Leigh Court

2) Ancient Tribal Energisers

“The Haka” is a powerful conference energiser and team building activity, which brings people together and gives them a shared experience. Authentic, tribal and entertaining, this performance by Haka Masters, some of who are related to the original tribesmen, will bring focus, commitment and dedication to the team.

Check out more about The Haka here.

Innovative ideas for team building days with tribal conference fun | Leigh Court

3) Game Show Style Events

A professional game show host will guide you through each of the activities your team takes on; whether it’s a “Master of Tasks” event, or a mixture of TV classics like “Wheel of Fortune”, your team will be fully immersed in the game shows and will be thrilled to join in. Perfect for indoor events, Christmas parties or after a corporate dinner.

Game show nights for corporate parties and team building events | Leigh Court

4) Create a Fun-Day with Funfair Stalls and Activities

Everyone loves a traditional funfair! From axe throwing to hoopla, hook-a-duck and lucky dip, there’s plenty of stalls for everyone to have fun with. We can do most of the stalls indoors too, in case the British sunshine isn’t holding up, and can be mixed with other fun activities like It’s A Knockout. Archery, axe throwing and a drumming circle are certainly the most popular activities on days like this, proven to bring people together and get them laughing.

Fun fair and archery fun days for corporate teams | Leigh Court

5) Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have become increasingly popular amongst smaller groups over the last few years; some even creating interactive experiences and live performances by actors. The “Waking the Dead” experience from our partners, ACF Teambuilding, is a mission-based team building activity where you can explore the rooms, scavenge what you can, find codes to deactivate the ‘device’, retrieve items and survive the living dead. Certainly, an exciting activity to do with your staff! Your colleagues can be split up into groups with prizes for those who escape first!

Pop up escape rooms for large groups, corporate events and fun team building days | Leigh Court

So which team building activity will you choose for your next away day? Here at Leigh Court, we partner with ACF Teambuilding and Events to bring you a fabulous array of activities, so whatever you’re looking for, we can help you design it.

Natasha Shinner, head of events here at Leigh Court says: “ACF Teambuilding always effortlessly bring a fun, interactive and jam-packed team building day to the venue. Highly professional and organised, each team member is equipped to entertain; you won’t be disappointed to combine Leigh Court with ACF Teambuilding for your away day.”

Situated on 27-acres of private parkland, and with 5 rooms inside of varying capacities, we can host as big a team building day as you desire. Our biggest day yet was 200 staff!

Contact us at Leigh Court to enquire about hosting your team building event.

Innovative and different ideas for team building and away days for corporate | Leigh Court
Fun fairs and summer fetes for corporate days | Leigh Court