Prom Week at Leigh Court

We're always busy in June; not only do we have our normal corporate events, but wedding season is well underway AND proms are in full swing for Bristol schools.

June is a busy month for Leigh Court and our events team. Not only do we have the normal business and corporate events on, but it’s also wedding season plus prom week!

During prom week, when schools in the Bristol area hold their end-of-school celebrations, we hosted 6 proms for local schools, with over 1000 students through our doors.

Each prom was given exclusive use of the entire event space, meaning that they were able to use the Great Hall and the Library as the two bigger rooms for the main events like dancing and eating. The Morning Room and Tapestry Room were also used for other activities.

2023 lighting provided by @Lights0nme

Our rooms bring a special and grandiose feeling to the event, creating a memorable prom for each and every party-goer. And of course, we had photobooths (thanks to Hotshots Entertainment for providing these) to help everyone remember this special day.

Our award-winning caterers, Berry Blue Creative Food, provided the food for each of the proms, and they came up with some great ideas to fit each budget that they knew teenagers would love.  We had burgers, doughnuts, nachos and pizza, and it all went down very well with our guests!

Aside from the grandeur of the building and the fun food, here are 3 more reasons why schools hold their proms at Leigh Court every year:

  1. Flexible and exclusive use of the event space. Our Library can hold 150 people and our Morning and Tapestry Rooms 65 people. We have plenty of space for you to host dancing, food and party games; especially when you add on the mingling space of the Great Hall and the Salon too. We can provide decorations such as balloons and year lights (see picture) from our supplier Lights On Me.
  2. Safe space. A safe environment ensures that everybody can enjoy themselves and celebrate without parents’ concerns for their well-being. Leigh Court is in a secure and safe area, being within the grounds of Leigh Woods, so there’s plenty of ability to supervise the celebration without worrying about the safety of everyone.
  3. Inclusivity Allies. We operate an accept-all policy whereby everyone entering the building is considered unique and welcomed. We have a zero-tolerance policy against bullying, harassment or discrimination so that everyone at their prom can express themselves without fear of judgement.

If you’re looking for a prom venue for your school next year, get in contact with us as we book all 6 nights of prom week very quickly!