Why Following the Latest Wedding trends isn’t the Best Idea

Written by Naomi Webb Think back to your parents’ wedding pictures – they more than likely dabbled in the fashion of the time. Perhaps your…

Written by Naomi Webb

Think back to your parents’ wedding pictures – they more than likely dabbled in the fashion of the time. Perhaps your Mum was a bride in the late 80s, which means there’s probably a perm and puffed shoulders in that photo and while she may love the memory of the day, she might recoil a little when she looks back on the ‘trendy for the time’ fashion choices she made. This is why it’s perhaps best to steer clear of ‘trends’ when it comes to planning your own wedding.

Pinterest is great for picking out the latest trend in wedding décor or cake, but how many pictures have you seen of cheese board wedding cakes, blankets to keep guests warm on a summer’s eve or flower crowns for you and your bridesmaids? A lot, right?

Following the latest trends isn’t the best idea when it comes to your wedding because it can make the whole event feel impersonal. A few years back, shabby chic was all the rage with mismatched crockery, floral prints and gypsophila but this trend has died out to make way for minimalism and beautiful typography. Trends come and go with the times.

Therefore, it’s time to buck these trends and to make your big day truly your own, from the wedding ring you pick out to the floral arrangements on the tables. You need to put together a day that truly reflects you and your partner as a couple, whether that means incorporating his favourite football team’s colours into the wedding cake or adding a small homage to your favourite childhood book somewhere in the table decorations. Pinterest is good for inspiration, but don’t simply copy the suggestions on there, try to make each component of your wedding personal to you.

When it comes to dresses, avoid the bardot styles and sheer skirts we are currently witnessing via the high street brands’ bridal ranges. They’re the modern day interpretation of your Mum’s puffed sleeve wedding gown and something you may look back on and regret.

Classic, elegant wedding dresses – think fishtail curves and lace bodices – are the best choice, as their evergreen style ensures you’ll never cringe when looking at your wedding photos in the future. Make-up is another element that can fall victim to trends, as cliché as it sounds a cat eye and a red lip work on any bride, heavy contouring isn’t going to be popular forever.

Spend some time discovering what your partner would like to incorporate into your big day. You might be surprised what they think of certain colours or what they’d like to see on the tables or even the flavour of the cake. It’s important to include both your personal preferences instead of blindly following the latest bridal trend.

It’s time to leave Pinterest behind and create the perfect day that’s truly your own.

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