How do we Choose a Good Wedding Photographer?

We ask the I Do Crew how they chose a wedding photographer.

Meet the “I Do” Crew

Each month we’re asking our ”I Do” Crew the questions on every recently engaged persons mind, from choosing a wedding photographer to writing a guest list, our trio of recent or soon-to-be newly-weds share their insights into planning a wedding. So far we’ve asked how they chose their wedding venue, when to send wedding invitations, and how to write a wedding guest list.

This month we’re asking the I Do Crew how they chose their wedding photographer.

Bride and groom in the grounds of Leigh Court

Dominika Sheibinger Photography

The recently married one: Married in August 2018, describes her wedding as ‘a perfect day better than I ever imagined.’

The groom: Married in July 2018, describes his wedding as ‘a chilled and fun day, with loads of our friends and family.’

The bride-to-be (who is now a newly-wed!): Getting Married in September 2019, describes her upcoming wedding as ‘the day I marry my best friend surrounded by the people we love the most.’

A bride and groom pose with a classic white wedding car outside Leigh Court

Lee Hatherall Photography

We ask the I Do Crew how they chose a wedding photographer.

The recently married one

I was recommended a photographer by a friend who is also photographer. I liked her style because it was more about capturing moments of the day rather than having everyone stand in a line posed together. I went to another wedding that had a photographer just like that, and I didn’t like having to pose with my back straight, nor did I like the photos when I saw them!

The groom

My bride and I were both conscious that we only wanted natural shots for the day, so we had no formal shots at all. The photographer was a friend of my brothers who recently went full time as a photographer. He was so up for natural shots and did a really great job.

The bride-to-be (who is now a newly-wed!)

Our wedding photographer is a family member whose full-time job is professional wedding photography! Very handy! His style is very much candid and this is exactly what we want for our photos. He takes some really beautiful shots of brides and grooms in landscapes so he’ll be chuffed when he sees our very extensive venue!

The wedding coordinator

Wedding photography styles include reportage or documentary, traditional, and contemporary or editorial, the I Do Crew all went for very natural documentary-style photographer and chose their photographers accordingly. A tip given to me by a wedding photographer friend is to find a photographer who knows the ropes when it comes to wedding days and asks you the right questions. An experienced photographer will be asking you things you may not have even thought of yourself yet, such as timings for various parts of the day and when you want the confetti throw to take place.

Next month, we ask the I Do Crew what one piece of advice they’re like to give to every recently-engaged couple.